Dr. Barbara M. Tobin
Dr. Barbara M. Tobin
Supporting and empowering families as they manage separation and divorce

Dr. Barbara M. Tobin
Clinical Psychologist




Dr. Barb Tobin is a psychologist licensed in the State of Maryland with more than 15 years of experience serving children, adolescents, adults, couples and families in various capacities. I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Clinical Psychology from Loyola University and received my doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from Argosy University. The majority of my experience is as an expert witness providing opinions to the Court on matters including child custody and the mental health of parents involved in custody disputes, among other issues, within the public sector.

The focus of my private practice is to support and empower families as they manage separation and divorce. Though many fear otherwise, it is possible for families to separate and divorce while tending to the emotional health and well being of each family member. Tending to emotions while conducting the business of a divorce results in best outcomes for every family member.

I am very proud to fulfill a number of roles aimed toward supporting families experiencing separation and divorce including that of Collaborative Divorce Coach and Child Specialist, Mediator, Divorce/Co-Parent Consultant, and Parent Coordinator.

I am passionate about accompanying families along the journey of separation and divorce in an effort to soften its impact, to protect children and to preserve the health and longevity of familial relationships. Teaching and supporting the implementation of effective communication skills is of upmost importance as is sharpening focus on the best interests of the children.



Collaborative Divorce

I believe fervently in the Collaborative model of divorce as the most effective means, for many families, to separate with dignity. Such an approach allows for the settlement of differences with minimal negative impact on the family, and on the children in particular, while providing a definitive voice to each family member. The Collaborative divorce process is an out-of-court process delivered by a team of professionals, including attorneys for each client, which allows clients control over all decisions and outcomes as settlement is reached.

I am a member of both the Howard County Collaborative Professionals (HCCP) and Collaborative Professionals of Baltimore (CPB).


I am a certified Mediator. In my practice, I offer mediation of child-centered issues, including parenting plans, for parents involved in a divorce mediation process who feel they would benefit from my expertise in child development, the impact of divorce on children and families, and best co-parenting practices. In the role of Mediator, my job is to facilitate discussion between parents in such a way that promotes exploration of issues and the generation of options that best fit the family’s unique needs.

Divorce/Co-Parent Consultation

This type of consultation is offered to parents facing separation or divorce during any stage of the process. These consultations are targeted, solution-focused processes that address specific issues related to parenting cooperatively during and after a separation or divorce with the purpose of enabling parents to make decisions in the best interests of their children. Goals often include reducing emotional reactivity, improving communication, and strengthening the co-parenting relationship so parents may function in ways that facilitate their children’s healthy adjustment.

Parent Coordination

Parent Coordination is a child-focused alternative dispute resolution process aimed at assisting co-parents in the implementation of their parenting plan by facilitating the resolution of disputes, educating parents about children’s needs, and, with prior approval of the parties and the Court, making decisions for the parents when they are unable to do so. The limitations of the Parent Coordinator’s role are clearly defined by the Court and the process is not confidential as communication with the Court is required.


I also conduct psychological evaluations within the context of disputes regarding matters such as child custody and access as well as mental health evaluations of parents.